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Nexus Fiduciary Services is a young vibrant Fiduciary Services Company that specialises in providing professional and personalised Fiduciary Services, advise and solutions to our clients.

Our Focus is Protecting Your Legacy.

Acting with the highest duty of care and utmost good faith, we aim to apply our expertise and experience in Estate Planning and Estate and Trust Administration Services to not only understand your needs and wishes, but also the give effect to them in an expeditious and effective manner.

Our Services

Will & Testament

Professional advice when drafting your last Will, whilst also offering the service of keeping your original signed Will in Safe Custody.

Liquidity Calculations

To protect your legacy, we can offer you a Liquidity Calculation as well as a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate Planning

To protect your legacy, we can offer you a Liquidity Calculation as well as a comprehensive estate plan.


Assisting you in the process of registering your Inter Vivos and or Testamentary Trusts.

Deceased Estates

By appointing our executive consultant as executor in your estate, you will not only save on executor’s fees, but also ensure that your estate is administered in a professional, quick and effective manner.

Testamentary Trusts

Acting as trustee and or co-trustee on your Testamentary Trust, you can rest assured that our professional consultant will act with the highest duty of care and in good faith to ensure that the trust capital and or income are awarded to your heirs as per your wishes.


Why Choose Us?


A valid Will ensures that, after your passing, your last wishes regarding the distribution of your estate are carried out. A Will also gives you the opportunity to do proper Estate Planning, include special wishes regarding your remains, nominating executors and or guardians for minor children.

If you die without leaving a Will, you die Intestate and there are several consequences. 

Firstly, the beneficiaries of your estate will have to nominate an executor to administer your estate.  This can lead to complicated family feuds on who to nominate as the executor of your estate and it can be somebody who you would not have preferred or someone who is not competent. This can delay the appointment of an executor by the Master of the High Court and have a big impact on the administration of your estate.

Secondly, the provisions of the Intestate Succession Act will apply.  The said act will govern who the heirs in your estate will be as well as the distribution of your estate, which may not necessarily be in accordance with your last will.

Yes, you can. However, this is not recommended.

It is advised that a professional person help you to set up your Will as a Will needs to comply with several legal requirements in order to be valid.  If a Will fails to meet all the legal requirements, the Will is invalid, and you will die Intestate. 

Secondly, drafting a Will yourself can result in an ambiguous Will. This will create a lot of difficulties for the executor and heirs in your estate and can lead to additional and unnecessary legal costs and disputes among beneficiaries.

A professionally drafted Will, will provide you with peace of mind.

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when drafting your will.

To act as an executor of a deceased estate, the appointed person will require certain legal expertise and knowledge about deceased estates.  Duties of the executor include interpreting  the Will, obtaining the Letter of Executorship, administration of the estate, distribution of estate assets and finalising the estate.

It is recommended that a professional be appointed as the executor of your estate to ensure that your estate is dealt with in a fast and effective manner.

Your Will should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the Will still complies with your last wishes.

Your Will can be amended at any time prior to your passing. To only name a few, your Will should be amended in case you get married or divorced, your spouse dies, the birth or death of a beneficiary, change in preferred guardians, executors or trustees, substantial increase or decrease in your estate value or minor beneficiaries have reached the age of 18.


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